Auditing Services

Auditing certain elements of your operation is a great way to determine if your facility, staff, procedures, and/or maintenance are cost effective, meeting legal and operational purposes, or to identify possible deficiencies and confirm you are providing the best facility and operations for your community.

Documentation Audit

This is a comprehensive audit that will examine your processes, procedures and what you have on paper to ensure your operations are sound. Whether you simply need one area such as your staff manual or a multitude of documents, we can asure that the documents we audit will conform to current standards of care and industry standards.

Facility Maintenance Audit

This audit will examine your current maintenance powerplant to see how you are doing your day to day operations on equipment; as well as, examine your PM or possible issues within the scope of your pool pump room and chemical storage facilities. A well run maintenance operation is the backbone of your aquatic operation and we will ensure that you are complying to current regulations and are getting the most of your operation.

Independent Lifeguard/Instructor Staff Audit

Do you know if your lifeguards and/or swim instructors are always ready to perform or if they are meeting industry standards with their skills and abilities? By having an unannounced visual and skills audit you can verify whether you have minimal safety concerns or your staffing is in serious need of some attention. We can employ a variety of auditing techniques from secret shopper to independent staff auditing. Weather you want to check one area or your operation such as customer service or want to look at a comprehensive view of your entire staffing we can work with you to improve any and all areas of your staffing performance.

Pre-season Operational Audit

This is a basic check to see if you have all the things needed to get your program and facility ready for the busy summer season. Basic elements from your facility components, to staffing, to maintenance. We will look at specific operational dynamics that you need to have in place to have a successful summer. We will identify what you have that works well as what you are lacking that needs to be addressed.

Comprehensive Facility Audit

This is the Cadillac of Auditing in which we will employ all of the above audits to your facility and make a comprehensive listing of issues and solutions. This is recommended for new facilities, facilities that have been reopened after several years or for the mature operation which may have had a change in Coordinators or Supervisors and needs someone to look at the operations with a critical eye.

Auditing is one of the best and most economical ways to avoid disaster. Whether you need a one time facility audit or an ongoing staffing audit that is certainly something you can learn and improve your operation from an outside audit perspective. Choose the auditing option(s) which best meet your needs.