Anyone Can Steer the SHIP when the seas are calm

We help you steer the ship when the seas are the roughest

About Us

I started the company from a call to action from a colleague in need. I realized that I have u nique and varied experiences that encompasses a wide array of aquatic venues from pools to waterparks to open water. I have been helping aquatic professionals for many years and decided I need to focus my attention to this business as there is a genuine need and want and I have a passion to prevent and reduce aquatic related accidents and incidents through my knowledge. The company starts with me and I utilize other seasoned professionals to help me meet a client’s needs. I have multiple contacts with instructors, operators, aquatic contractors, aquatic professionals, and other aquatic consulting firms. I only take on clients who truly need my services as well as can benefit from what I can offer. If I am not the right person for you I will let you know and will refer you elsewhere.

Our Core

We are a comprehensive company that provides training, marketing, analysis, consulting, and operational and management components to our clients from Park & Recreation, Hotel/Motel, Home Owner associations, Swim Schools and Private businesses. Our core focus is to advance aquatic safety for the greater good of society. It is our hope that from the elements we provide that we can help reduce and prevent drowning. A well-run aquatic operation will do this from the pump room to facility operations to training. This is what we intend to do for our clients.


To reduce aquatic related accidents and drowning for all that we work with


To provide expert resources and service to advance the safety of Aquatic Operations for our clients


Just think of SHIP and you will see what we value


it is our mission to advance the safety for all of our clients. This is at our core and everything we do should have this component. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to drowning prevention activities and pursuits.


Regardless of the consequences we will be open and honest with all our interaction. Our word is our bond and one that you can trust without reservation.


We believe in honoring our commitments to you and doing what we say we will do. Deadlines will be met and the work will be to your satisfaction. If we cannot do it, we will find someone who can.

Personal Service

Every client is unique and different. We focus on your specific circumstance and cater to what you need and strive to accomplish and make sure that a “cookie cutter” approach is not taken. Everyone deserves world-class service with the personal touch. We value the relationship we build with each of our customers.